Ghana Education Service has Abandoned the CCP Curriculum?

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The Curriculum for the basic schools was reviewed by National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA), basic schools were instructed to use the Common Core Program Curriculum from the beginning of the 2020 academic year. The reviewed is to respond to the national priority of shifting the structure and content of the educational system from merely passing examinations to building character, nurturing values, and raising literate, confident and engaged citizens, with emphasis on science and mathematics as building blocks for success in either tertiary education or early entry in the workplace.

A training workshop was scheduled by Ghana Education Service to train teachers on how to instruct the topics prescribed in the curriculum, the training programme was postponed twice and it is yet to be organized. Teachers have not been trained to use the CCP Curriculum.

Textbooks for the Common Core Program Curriculum are not available in the schools, teachers have been instructing topics in the new curriculum with the old textbook. Ghana Education Service is yet to supply the CCP textbooks to the basic schools.

A curriculum implementation begun from the beginning of the academic year, we have two months to end the academic year and no textbook for the newly introduced curriculum. The old textbooks have been use for the entire academic year.

It seems Ghana Education Service has abandoned the Common Core Program Curriculum, no communication to schools after failed Promised to make the textbooks available. The nature of the curriculum present a challenge to teachers, teachers have to use their own money to purchase textbooks, others rely on the internet for the content delivery.

Teachers should be involved in the development of curriculum, teachers are the end users of the curriculum, they break down the topics in the curriculum into teachable units. The Common Core Program Curriculum has been uploaded on the teachers laptops with the electronic textbooks, these laptops are for teachers in the second cycle schools, the basic school teachers are to instruct the topics in the new curriculum but they were not captured in the one teacher one laptop project.

Teachers in the basic schools are currently using the old syllabus and textbook for teaching and learning. National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) has made the textbooks for the Common Core Program Curriculum available on their website for teachers to download. The basic school teachers should be considered for the teacher's laptop project to enable them get access to the electronic textbooks. 

The new curriculum is to address the challenges in the old curriculum, but the old curriculum is currently in use, the standards based curriculum on the current educational reforms for the basic schools are not use due to the lack of textbooks. 

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