Check out hot photos of the two models who are causing stir with their heavy chest (Daddy's joy)

Every man on this earth has had a feel or a test of this beautiful and sensational thing of women. Since we were once babies and breastfed by women, I hope you all understand my point now. As babies, it serves as food for nourishing our brains and quenching our hangers but as we grow it becomes Daddy's joy for us. We see them and difficult to take off our eyes and somethings difficult to even concentrate on whatever we are doing. In today's post, we will be introducing you to two beautiful ladies who are blessed with this Daddy's joy (Breast) and are causing confusion on the net with their Daddy's joy.

Persephanii is a gorgeous Instagram pulse size model, gym life, actress and a brand influencer who has been flaunting with her fans lovely photos and videos of her huge and heavy chest. She is an American and known in real life as Stephanie Nelson.

Persephanii has an Instagram account of more than 864K followers and coming September 1st will be her birthday. Below are some photos of her.

Browncoco is a beautiful and charming Muslim lady who has been confusing the net with her huge chest. She is from Gambia and known on Instagram as @thick_sexy9. Due to her big heavy chest, she has been able to gain followers of more than 118K on Instagram. See her photos below.