Do you remember Steven Kanumba see what her mama earns from his movies


Mama Kanumba finally reveals on what she does that makes her a living.

Mama Kanumba claims that her son's movies are being aired on tv and being sold but she doesn't benefit from it. She claims that it was only last year when she was paid TSH 15 million.

She says that she does her business of selling pepper.which earns her money. The house which she stays in she bought it after kanumba's death. She has always wished to write a story about her son but she couldn't manage because she isn't financially stable.

She also acts movies in respect of her son.

Kanumba will be remembered for his bongo movie hits and he also raised young juniors who are now doing very well in the industry such as jeniffer and Patrick. And also the likes of wema. According to mama Flora she says that kanumba's death is a wound that won't heal easily for her she will always miss him.