Casper Nyovest lands himself into hot water after he tweeted this

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Casper Nyovest is one of the hard working people in the industry, not only is he focused on his craft as a musician( rapper), but he also ventured into the clothing business as he signed partnership with Drip shoe store and he also launched his sneakers, which are selling like hits.

He, however is one opinionated person and those who follow him, will also know him for his beefing with PrinceKaybee and AKA and he doesn't hide his feelings towards them.

His opinion, this time around wasn't met with positivity, instead people attacked him for it.

"Yesterday I was tweeting about how I wish artists who are hot right now would buy cribs instead of expensive clothes and some of y'all started tagging individuals saying I'm talking about them. I wasn't talking about anyone specific. I'm talking about the culture that is thriving",read the tweet

"Very much true,but I'm sure at some point when you started making money you bought a lot of expensive that have no value, so you have to let them make their own mistakes and learn from them but big up for advicing them", one commented

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