"To All 2022 Presidential Candidates" Akothee Writes A Message To All The 2020 Presidential Candidates

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Akothee is a Kenyan singer, song writer, model, dancer, brand ambassador, entrepreneur, business woman, fashionista , video vixen and a proud mother of five.

Akothee is a focused and determined woman who makes all efforts to ensure that she lives the best of her life without depending on a man.

She is a single mother who encourages many mothers in Kenya to work very hard so that they can provide for their families without relying on their husbands.

Akothee has today taken to her Instagram page and wrote a message to all the 2020 candidates who will be viewing for a presidential post.

On her post she advised the candidates to priotize on the. The ladies healthy during their monthly periods. She urged them to at least provide sanitary pads to all ladies in school as most of them are exchanging their bodies for lack of pads.

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