The Ghanaian youth are preparing to protest after the Supreme Court gave them this good news


The revolution has come to stay, the youth which started this movement are now smiling after positive news knocked on their doorstep today. A few weeks ago, we saw many Ghanaian youth coming together for one common purpose. They claim they have been fed up with many problems which have been on attended to in the country and therefore the leaders of the country must make it a point to get them all fixed.

It started very small but like wildfire it got the chance to grow into an inferno with time. The leader of the movement who is known as Joshua or yet still, Kalyjay started posting disturbing images and videos as well as tweets which showed some works which had been neglected in the country. This caught the attention of many Ghanaians and hence they decided to join the campaign. Well, I must say Twene Jonas is likely to be one of the people who influenced Joshua because he had been posting his videos on his page even before the revolution started.

With time, over 400,000 tweets concerning this movement landed on the Ghanaian Twitter and they managed to stay relevant on the trend list for weeks. Many Ghanaian celebrities decided to even support the movement.

Well, once again this day has seen the "Fix the Country" hashtag as the number one on the Ghanaian Twitter trend list.

What then made it trend again? The youth decided to undergo a demonstration regarding the country not being fixed but then, an injunction had been placed on them. They had no right to go out demonstrating.

Today saw the Supreme Court working on this whole issue. The youth were challenging the injunction which was placed on them so as to stop them from protesting due to the decree on COVID-19 in the country.

Luckily for them, the Supreme Court of the country has invalidated the injunction which was placed on them due to the COVID-19 rules. They are now free to make their peaceful protest. This is the whole reason why the Twitter timeline has been busy this afternoon.

Most of the youth are happy and are looking forward to hitting the Ghanaian streets with their placards and black clothes.

Below are some tweets concerning the final ruling;

Looking at the tweets, you do realize that most of the Ghanaian youth are ever ready to stand for what they think is right.