“I Want A Handsome And A Rich Man”- Khanyi Mabu

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Khanyisile Mbau is currently on her thirties and she is well known. She is an actress, model and also an ambassador. She is originally from Soweto and also she started her career at a young age. 

She has posted on social media that she wants to go out on a date with a rich and also handsome man. Unfortunately followers did not respond positively and also they called her names. 

Khanyi Mbau drives a latest beautiful yellow mellow porsche and also she is doing the most.

@digita, “It more like offended by women who know what they want and you exactly that Khanyisa self made and women of standards don’t be phased”

@zola, “Go to PPE beneficiaries.Or finish Matric and persue career do that your Daughter can respect you.”

@neo, “They going to attack you Khanyi... Twitter men are offended by women who want men with money”

@fena, “She didn't say she only dates handsome and riches only. She said she wants to "Go on a date with"

By the Mandla was handsome”

@lola, “I may not be rich, but id like to think i am handsome, and i know i can afford a meal for us..a chat would be good”

@gisa, “Yes She wants a handsome rich man. I would too. Why are women shamed for putting standards of the kind of a man they want. Call us Golddiggers but Khanyi has her own money. The rich man will be just a bonus.”

@girl, “There is nothing sexy than a woman that knows what she wants and how she wants it”

@elso, “Some are intimidated by unrealistic preferences and end up shooting insults... And if her preferences are real let her wish be respected.”


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