As A Guy, Here Are 5 Smart Ways To Make A Girl Think About You All The Time

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As a guy, the fact that your girl is thinking about you is a good sign that the two of you are dating. It demonstrates her undying love for you and her inability to live without you.

If, on the other hand, your relationship is going in the wrong direction, you should use these 5 techniques to keep her thinking about you all the time. The skills you'll need are listed below.

1. Make her feel special: One thing about girls is that they appreciate those who admire their appearance, clothing, or profession. Have you ever shown your admiration for her? Have you ever told her you can't imagine your life without her? Have you ever told her how fortunate she is to have you? If you haven't already, give it a try today; you'll be pleased with the results.

2. Text her a sweet message.

You can trick her by sending love messages in this technological age. You can do this while she is at work or ready to fall asleep. This flirting technique will keep her thinking about you all the time.

3. Pay attention to her: Another method you should use is to pay attention to her while she's talking to you. Yes, you must always pay attention to what your girl has to say to you. Girls adore males who pay attention to almost everything they say. This is because if you don't pay attention to her, she'll think you don't care about her.

4. Be passionate in bed: A girl will remember the guy who made her feel amazing in bed for the rest of her life. Make sure she's having a good time when you're making love to her. This will strengthen her link with you and increase her desire for you, which will likely lead to her thinking about you anytime she is alone.

5. Make plans: You might be wondering how. This is quite simple; you can playfully tell her how you want her to be your wife in the future or where she wants to go on her honeymoon or vacation. This chat gives her optimism that you are interested in her in a meaningful way.

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