Man allegedly poisons his brother’s wife.

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    On Angel FM’s Breaking news this afternoon, a man has reportedly poisoned his brother’s wife after she left her food opened to go out and buy water.

    The deceased, Mrs Grace Mensah lives with her sister, the accused and her two children. According to reports she is not in talking terms with either of them. Last Saturday, she prepared super for herself and two other kids, during their super, she decided to get herself water from outside.

    Her Husbands brother who was spraying the weeds around their house according to reports took the food into his room. When Mrs Grace returned, she continued eating because she didn’t know her husband’s brother had touched the food.

    After eating the food, she started screaming and crying for help, but since she wasn’t in good terms with her sister or husband’s brother, she had to go to a different house to ask for help. The neighbors   decided to take her to the hospital but unfortunately she couldn’t make it as she died on the road.

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