A lady told her "best friend" she got a job but her reply got people talking, see here

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Having real friends in life can be quite amazing. Especially when there's mutual understanding towards friendship. And when something good happens in your life, they are the first people to celebrate with you.

With that being said, a lady took to social media a screenshot of a conversation she had with her friend. Basically she was telling her friend that she got a job. However her response got people worried about her intentions.

The friend didn't even congratulate her after hearing the news. She started by asking weird questions about the job. There were mixed reactions on the comments. Some were saying the lady should get new friends because the current one is fake.

Others mentioned that they have to sit down and talk, as it seems there might be hidden issues between them. There were individuals who highlighted that the friend is probably jealous of her. See more of people's reactions down below;

Share your thoughts on the comment section, what do you think about the conversation and people's reactions overall? Would you continue being friends with someone who acts like this or not?

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