3 Symptoms Of Menstrual Cramps After Running.

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Menstrual cramps happen in women when hormones and other factors cause uterine cramps or inflammation.

According to MedicineNet, even when a woman is not on her period, her exercise habits can have a variety of effects on her menstrual cycle. Symptoms that happen after exercise might include:

1. Spotting

Frequent exercise can affect a woman's hormone levels. This can interrupt her body’s monthly cycle. When this occurs, the lining of her womb may shed at random times. Random shedding shows as spotting, or breakthrough bleeding, throughout the month.

Spotting may be a bright red or dark red colour, but the flow is normally much lighter than your average period. It may happen during or right after intense exercise or running. This can be an indication of underlying issues in the womb or cervix. 

2. Missed period

Consistent strenuous exercise is beneficial for many aspects of your mental and physical health but can put a strain on your body also. You may experience one or more missed periods, mostly if you’ve lost a significant amount of weight or have increased the intensity and consistency of your workouts.

Missed periods can happen due to hormonal imbalances triggered by exercise and changes in your body. 

3. Changes in flow

Changes in your exercise routine can result in changes in your menstrual flow but it’s not a cause for panic. The hormonal adjustments triggered by moderate to intense exercise can cause a lighter period. This could eventually escalate to missed periods, though. 

Loss of weight may also lead to changes in your flow. Fat can increase the level of certain hormones in the body. Gaining or losing it dramatically affects hormone levels in most women.

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