BATTLE : Between Obofowaa And Princess Andrews, Who Is More Beautiful? (PHOTOS).

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These two beautiful ladies her are both the wives to two prophets in this country.They are Princess Andrews and Ciara Antwi ( Obofowaa) Their husbands are Reverend Obofour and Sofo Kyiri Abosom. Obofowaa( Left) is the wife of Reverend Obofour and Princess Andrews (right) is the wife of Sofo Kyiri Abosom.

Today we want to compare this ladies and see who between then is much more prettier. Sofo Kyiri for those of us who don’t known is a Prophet and the sane time a politician , he was the Presidential Candidate for the GUM Party and became the third force just after this recent 2020 elections. As to whether a man of God is allowed to go into politics we will leave that discussion for another day but for now we focusing on their wives.

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Princes Andrews.

Below are the Photos of Bofowaa :

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