Tips For Freeing Up Space On Your Smartphone

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It is frustrating and saddening to delete important photos, videos, apps and files from your phone just to collect the more important ones. The worst is having to take a spontaneous picture with your phone and the next thing you are met with is a popup message which reads "storage is full". Well, you don't have to be through this again because in this article I will be sharing with you steps that can help reserve space on your phone for future purposes.

Move Your Photos And Videos To Cloud

Photos and videos take a large percentage of space so you might want to consider uploading most of or all of your photos and videos to Google Photo at the earliest opportunity. Please note that you are only provided with 15GB of space however if you want more space you can proceed to pay for the service and your storage limit will be extended.

Get Rid Of Some Apps And Games

Another thing that hogs your phone storage space is likely to be your apps and games. To avoid running out of space, uninstall apps you have not used for a long time. However, if you don't want to uninstall any app from your phone, you can go to settings > apps > manage apps and then click on any app or game to clear the cache and data of such an app or game.

Factory Data Reset Your Phone

No method is as effective as resetting your phone when it comes to freeing up space. However, the downside is that it erases all your photos, videos, accounts, apps and files. Nevertheless, you can still have all your files and what have you just with a single tap. All you need do is back up every important file on your device before you reset it and you are good to go.

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