Kagongo's Brother Opens Up What Kagongo Did Every Time She Visited Home


It was a sorrowful moment after Caroline Kangogo's body was identified. The police constable had a gun shot on a head and her lifeless body was lying at her parents bath room.

The incident brought a lot of specialists and officers from the DCI offices were after the rogue police officer who was missing after she had committed crime activities. 

The late Caroline had left several messages and one was directed to her brother who is a teacher . The message said that the kagongo's brother will have to take care of the children left behind by the late police. The brother who is a teacher resurfaced and was interviewed by KTN news and this was the message he gave concerning his later sister. He talked of Kagongo and how she related with her parents. 

“Kila siku akikuja nyumbani huwa analetea mama.sukari na mama anajihizi anapendwa na mwanawe"

Rest in peace Kagongo.


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