School lets boys wear skirts in hot weather

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Wymondhan High Academy is a 1705-pupil school in Norfolk that introduced a new dress code where boys are allowed to wear skirts during summer and banned shorts.

This is after the school received various complaints from parents of boys having to wear trousers even during summer.

The school therefore implemented a 'gender-neutral' policy that allows boys and girls to wear trousers or skirts and not shorts.

The parents who expected the school to add shorts in the boys' dress code during the hot weather and trousers during the cold weather, were disappointed and termed this rule as ridiculous.

Another rule implemented was that both boys and girls are required to wear ties.

In another school in Uganda named Nyakasura, a mixed school. It sparked different reactions on social media after boys in the school were seen wearing skirts as the school's attire.

The principal came forward and stated that these skirt-like clothes were not skirts but kilts. A kilt is a traditional Scottish men cloth. He claimed that the school is history based on a Scottish missionary who introduced this to schools in 1926.

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