"The Most Dangerous Enemy is The one From Within" Thuli Madonsela Sparks Controversy

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Date: 24/01/22




Most of South Africa was in shock and overpowered by confusion when it was broadcasted that the air force base in Pretoria was on fire. This is something that was not expected especially after all the issues about the national key points being attacked head gone down.

Thuli Madonsela, who is the former public protector wanted to know exactly how this whole thing was taking place. Her tweet sparked controversy because it suggested members of the government were involved in all this.


The former public protector went into Twitter to post her concern as soon as she heard the news about the fire. Her concern was how are these people gaining access to this public key points all at once. She was asking questions that sparked a lot of controversy. Below is her actual tweet:

"Is someone or are some people trying to intimidate our democratic institutions? If so who and why? Someone just wrote:”The most dangerous enemy is the one from within. They have easy access to all these institutions.”Is this why Waterkloof base is burning? #WaterkloofBaseFire "

South Africans really did not take this lightly as they saw that a member of the government also had concerns about what is also happening in the country.


As far as the current evidence shows, we can assume that there is no member of the government that is involved since the person who is the only suspect in the burning of the parliament was not affiliated with the government. Also, the person who attacked the constitutional Court with the hammer had no affiliation with the government. Maybe the government is paying these people to do the damage.

What do you think about the whole matter?

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