Working Together May Earn You a Spot In The 2022 Elections, Oppositions Bigshots advised


The race for 2022 Elections seems to be heated up as political parties and oppositions try get hold of their supporters in their respective regions.

Allies to the opposition leaders now say they risk being thrashed by Deputy President William Ruto in next year’s elections should they run separately, urging that they need to work together for a better chance of winning.

Speakin in a meeting NASA mp's said that there is no guarantee that any of the opposition leaders would be able to inherit Uhurus support base in Mt. Kenya region adding that that would be only possible if they unite their own support base first.

Yesterday, Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli said Mudavadi needs Raila more for the success of his political career. He said the former premier has huge support base that Mudavadi stands to inherit if he works closely with the ODM leader. [The Standard]

This was after a suggestion made by Mudavadi that One Kenya Alliance was open to working with Raila in next year’s General Election.

Kilonzo Jnr. Also added “The elections will be won by the alliance that will be able to galvanise their current strongholds. It is that same reason why Ruto would not succeed Uhuru without the support of Mt Kenya. "