"This is my body and I'll never be ashamed of my story" - lady says as she shares photos of her scar


Olivia Gilliam is a tiktoker who isn't afraid to show off her body to her fans despite a rough scar on her belly.

She has managed to get over 40 thousand followers on tiktok alone. She uses her platform to share photos and videos of herself for entertainment purpose, as well as motivate others who are ashamed of their physical appearance.

Although Olivia has held the reason behind her scar a secret, although, she often revealed that she was born prematurely and had a rough childhood growing up. She regularly shares photos of her scar and motivate others to be more confident and proud of themselves.

Although not much is known about Olivia as she has managed to keep her private life private, she occasionally shows off a ring in her finger, suggesting that she is married. She also tagged Tucson (a city in Arizona) in her SoundCloud account, which may be a hint to her location.

Olivia is known on tiktok for her funny, entertainment and motivational video. Her Tiktok account is fast growing. She's currently sitting at 49.8 thousand followers and 1.8 million likes at the time of writing this article.

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