2 Male Celebrities Who Have Shown Maturity In Handling Their Baby Mama Affairs

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Being a father to children from different women is one challenge most men find difficult to handle. While this is the case of some male Nigerian celebrities who have been dragged by their baby mama's on social media for their inability to make out time for their children, exceptions have been made by 2 male celebrities who have shown maturity in handling their baby mama affairs.

David Adeleke popularly known as Davido and Ubi Franklin are the two exceptions. The question you might be asking is how they have shown maturity in handling their baby mama affairs.

We'll first start with Davido who recently celebrated his son's birthday yesterday. The celebrity has always made it known that his children are his priorities. David despite having kids with different women, makes out time to spend quality time with his children.

Every function or educational event of any of his children, Davido makes sure he is there to play his fatherly role, mark his presence in their lives and growing up, and distance has not been a barrier to achieving that. All this is achievable because he sets aside personal interests or grievances he may have with any of the mothers of his children.

David spending time with Ima, his first daughter

David spending time with Hailey, his second daughter Ubi Franklin is also another celebrity who has shown maturity when handling his baby mama affairs. A lot of people were surprised when Ubi and Lilian Esoro came together to mark their son's birthday earlier this year and make sure their son did not feel each other's absence. They were surprised because they did not expect the two to be seen together after their controversial divorce.

Ubi And Lilian Esoro At Their Son's Birthday PartySince all of his children are not in Nigeria, Ubi often travels to spend quality time with them. He always posts his fun moments with children on his Instagram handle.

Ubi spending quality time with one of his sonsThese two men have not given any of their baby mamas a reason to be jealous of each other. This is because they each know their responsibility and carry them out without being told or being dragged on social media. Their maturity has covered up any loophole critics might want to feed on.

Credit: Instagram/Davido

Ubi Franklin

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