"I Bought My First Land At 13 Years," Renown Gospel Artist Reveals, Video


Gospel Artist, Sifa Favor is one of the most influential musicians in Kenya. He is an example of celebrities who rose to fame through hard work and prayer.

Sifa Favor was once a street boy in Nandi hills. He has managed to release songs which include; Hubadiliki, wonder, and Born again. He also has collaborations with other gospel musicians.

In a program called "Coffe with Mbuvi", aired on Tv 47, Sifa Favour revealed that he bought his first land at the age of 13. The gospel musician told the host that he invented his first in the streets by digging a dip hole, where he used to hide his money. He used cow dung to prevent his money from rooting while inside the hole. He added that through saving, he managed to secure her first land which was half an acre at the age of 13 years.

Watch Video; https://twitter.com/tv47ke/status/1383838432103862290?s=19

Favor is also the founder of the Street Feeding Rehabilitation program that caters to the needs of children in the streets.

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