Meet Destined Kids, The Gospel Singers Every Child Listened To When Growing Up


Most of us, growing up had the opportunity to listen to Destined Kids. A group of six siblings born to Pastor Stephen Iwueze who was the composer of all their songs and Mrs Love Iwueze.

The group was very vibrant and influential. I'm sure you must have purchased one of their CD's before. Their names are Favour Iwueze, Rejoice Iwueze, Joshua Iwueze, Best Iwueze, Caleb Iwueze and Wonderful Iwueze.

Let's talk about Favour Iwueze who happens to be the first child out of the six siblings.

Favour was born on August 25, 1991. She's a singer and a minister of God. Favour is signed to a record label called God Mercy Connection. She her university education with second class upper in Computer Science at Nnamdi Azikwe University. She is happily married with one child.Her beautiful little princess is called Chisom Zoe.

Let's move to the second person on the list who also is the second child out of six siblings, Rejoice Iwueze.

Rejoice was born on August 18, 1993. She is also signed to God Mercy Connection record label. Rejoice is not yet married but also doing well in her ministry.

Much is not know about the last four but here is a photo of them.

Joshua Iwueze born November 8, 1995 is the 3rd child, Best Iwueze born July 1,1999 is the 4th child and Caleb Iwueze happens to be the fifth child.

The last born of the family happens to be Wonderful Iwueze who was just a little girl in their glorious days.

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