Pray for Tanzania as Covid-19 Ravages Country With Virus Biting Hard


Coronavirus infection rates in the continent are still at a high with various countries reporting extreme high number of cases. In East African region, Uganda is leading with the number of high infections rates. At the moment, the country is under total lockdown in bid to reduce the transmission speed.

Tanzania has also joined the list of countries suffering from Covid-19 in the recent days. On Saturday, July 10, 2021 evening, health minister Dorothy Gwajima confirmed that 408 new cases were reported. The new cases confirmed the high spread of the virus in several regions in Tanzania.

In addition, reports from Tanzania indicate that majority of hospitals are currently overwhelmed with the high cases being reported. Patients with Covid-19 related infections are being admitted daily. As at yesterday, 284 patients were admitted at the ICU on oxygen machines.

The ministry of health further added that residents of Tanzania should brace for a further Covid-19 fourth wave as the virus continues to spread. Tanzania is currently battling the virus third wave since early last month. Thousands of citizens have been reported dead with many being admitted at hospitals.