"EPL Top Four Battle"- See All Chelsea, Man United, Liverpool Remaining Games For The Season.


The month of may is often regarded as the month which ends most Competition in europe, and this is true.

Because for instance, the Uefa Champions, FA Cup, Premier League as well as other competition will all be rounding up this month.

But the focus here is the Premier League, as this month will show the four teams that will make the top four finish.

No doubt that Manchester City are through, but teams like Manchester United, Leicester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham are believed to be contesting for the three remaining places on the EPL Table.

Chelsea FC will begin the month of may with a match against Fulham at Stamford Bridge today before going to play their remaining games.

Here are Chelsea fixtures for the month;

The blues will host Real Madrid next Wednesday in the UCL.

Next weekend (May 8), They will travel to Etihad to take on Manchester City. (EPL)

On the 12th of May, Chelsea will host Arsenal FC at Stamford Bridge. (EPL)

On 15th of May, Chelsea will be playing the (FA Cup) final against Leicester City.

They will host Leicester City again on the 19th of may (EPL).

Aston Villa will host Chelsea on the 23rd of may at Villa park, which is the last game of the season. (EPL).

For Manchester United, here are their remaining games for the season;

On the 2nd of May (Tomorrow), Manchester United will host Liverpool in Old Trafford. (EPL).

6th of May, they'll play their Europa League Semi-final second leg against Roma in Rome.

9th of may, they will play against Aston Villa in Villa park. (EPL)

12th of May, they will host Leicester City in Old Trafford. (EPL).

19th of may, Manchester United will welcome Fulham to Old Trafford. (EPL)

23rd of may, they will travel to Molineux stadium to play their last game of the season against Wolverhampton.

For Liverpool, the Meyserside Red only aim now is to qualify for the Champions League next season. But they will need to get good results in these remaining games if they want to scale through.

- Vs Manchester United in Old Trafford (May 2nd).

- Vs Southampton in Anfield (May 8).

- Vs West Bromwich Albion (May 12)

- vs Burnley In Anfield (May 19).

- Vs Crystal Palace In Selhurst Park (May 23).

For Leicester City, here are their remaining games of the season;

-Vs Newcastle at King power stadium (May 7).

-Vs Manchester United, away at Old Trafford (May 12).

-Vs Chelsea, FA Cup final on 15th of may.

- Vs Chelsea again, EPL on 19th of may.

- Vs Tottenham Hotspur, on 23rd of may.

For Tottenham Hotspur, here the remaining games Ryan Mason's men will be playing;

All In all, Which teams do you think will make the top four finish at the end of the season?

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