It was a movie scene, elders of Lake Bosomtwi allegedly warn bloggers for spreading edited video


Social media went buzzing with a video of a couple who supposedly got stuck while being intimate in the Lake Bosomtwi in the Ashante Region. The couple came under severe bushing with many saying it served them right for being that adventurous so as they could do that in a water body as powerful as the only natural lake in the country.

The couple in the video were screaming for their lives were said to be among a group of tourists who visited the beautiful scenery in the Ashante Region. Though people were skeptical about the authenticity of the video, as it appeared more of a movie scene than anything else, the presence of people looking like elders of the Bosomtwi community, put the doubting Thomases on hold.

People can now connect the dots and cross the tees as the community leaders allegedly issued a communique to debunk the claims of the video. According to the leaders, the video is an excerpt of a movie rehearsal held by a particular group. They claim the video was edited by bloggers who want to get traffic on their pages. In a letter reportedly released by the chiefs of the community, the video doesn't represent what the public is made to believe. 

The leaders of the community have therefore advice bloggers to stop spreading the fake news

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