Reasons why you should always be grateful in life


 The qualifications that gave you a job are the same qualifications someone has but doesn't have a job. Be grateful.

 The road you use safely on a daily basis is the same road many others died on. Be grateful.

 The same bed you used in the hospital got healed and discharged is the same bed many other people died on. Be grateful.

 Be grateful because whatever you have big or small is not by your power or your mighty or your qualifications,but rather by the Grace of the Almighty God. Remember He is the giver of everything you have. Be grateful.

In the face of all haters, discouragements, obstacles and setbacks tell yourself "I'm UNSTOPPABLE" Don't be discouraged by your opposition. They may hate you but they can't stop you..neither don't allow devil to make you worry, stay in the fight. Regardless of how many times you've failed, keep on trying, you may have tried and failed repeatedly but God is bigger than any challenge you're facing, He's wiser than any enemy you may encounter.

Your most challenging problem is not a challenge to God,He will order your every step,turning all the stumbling blocks into your steeping stone. And the good thing is, with God every mountain can be climbed, every problem can be solved, every enemy can be defeated.So never ever give up in life,let your song be " Fight all my battles the great Jehovah."

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