More Trouble For India As Prime Minister Team Commits A Grave Mistake


India broke the Coronavirus record as the Covid-19 cases in the country reached 17,997,267.

Over 201,187 people have been confirmed dead as the number recoveries stands at 14,817,371.

The world health Organization early this week called on the whole world to stand with India during this very difficult moment by offering support.

Most countries have stood in solidarity with India by sending relief food and medical support.

On Tuesday 323,144 new patients were recorded, which is highest figure globally within a single day that has ever been witnessed.

The Covid-19 situation in the country has tragic as the hospitals has run short of the oxygen supply and with the hospitals being filled up to capacity.

Despite of the worrying Covid-19 situation in the country Members of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) held a mega rally to garner support for the upcoming municipal elections.

Health experts have attributed the worsening Covid-19 situation in India to the poor vaccine coverage, mass gatherings and the prevalence of more contagious variants of the virus amongst the citizens.

The Indian government should move with speed to stop the mass gatherings in order to save the lives of it's Citizens.