CS Kagwe's Statement on School Reopening


On Monday night, April 26 Health CS Mutahi Kagwe said that Kenyan government may review passenger flights between Kenya and India and make another decision when they flatten the curve adding that an official communication will be made of Tuesday.

Speaking to Citizen, the Health CS Mutahi Kagwe noted that India is seeing a devastating Covid-19 wave that has stretched their health facilities. According to CS Kagwe, Kenyans shouldn't consider seeking treatment in India because of already existing health crisis in the country. "...Whichever decision we take, we are going to hurt some people. Whatever we do will cause a cost. Indian hospitals are overwhelmed so seeking treatment there right now does not make sense.

We will give a window for people to be able to come back home before the closure...," said CS Kagwe.

Asked about the time that the section of Kenyans who have already received the first shot of COVID-19 vaccine will get the second shot, CS Kagwe said that MoH have been advised that the second COVID-19 vaccine dose can be administered up to 3 months after the first dose. "…Even if one has one dose, they get protection of up to 60%...The challenge with vaccines is as a result of events in India…" CS Kagwe

CS Mutahi Kagwe said that the government intend to vaccinate 30M Kenyans, which is 60% of the population to achieve herd immunity.

Addressing the issue of school reopening, the CS said that the schools will only reopen after all teachers and staff are vaccinated against COVID-19. "We are confident, after rolling out a massive vaccination exercise for teachers, that we can manage reopening of schools…But decisions will be made as we continue observing the situation," said CS Mutahi Kagwe.

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