"I opted for vasectomy" DJ Moz says

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Moses Kimathi also known as DJ Moz has openly talked about having vasectomy as a family planning method. The kubamba radio presenter who is also a DJ and family man said that the burden of contraceptives should not be the women's task only

DJ Moz who has been in marriage for 13 years now said In an interview with capital FM that he chose to have such a procedure after his wife faced problems with birth control methods. He also said that his wife that the wife was always on the pill for along period of time and the pills affected her negatively.

DJ Moz and the wife now have three children. After the wife gave birth to the third kid, they had a conversation with the wife and they agreed this would be the last kid that they would have and hence vasectomy became their option.

The DJ said the procedure was successful and its acting very normal to them. He also said that this is one of the best decisions they have made as a couple

The talk came amidst a heated debate after former radio presenter in kiss FM, Nick Ndenda revealed he had a vasectomy. It was after he announced his breakup with his seven year wife, Muthoni Gitau.

He said they opted for a vasectomy since he didint want to get children and didint want his wife having a hard time using contareceptives. In his YouTube channel he said that after even years it felt like the best decision for both of them. He said their plan was to grow and heal individually as they plan on their future

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