Cyrus Oguna responds to Senator Malala backlash to the disciplined forces

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Cyrus Oguna, the government spokesperson was unpleased with Malala's remarks regarding them as undermining the police forces. Senator Cleophas Malala had made comments that men and women in uniform do not necessarily need higher education they only need "two hands and legs" to handle firearm and do their jobs.

"It is sad and quite unfortunate that some of our leaders continue to make statements that not only expose their ignorance, but also to ridicule a section of our society. Quite the opposite a leader'', said Oguna.

he added that Malala should further be reminded the disciplined forces have some of the well trained individuals in the country with intellectuals, lawyers, doctors, surveyors, PHD holders, computer scientists , engineers and etc.

Malala has since apologized and claimed that his remarks were taken totally out of context , he wrote in his Facebook account , "it is in light of this that i wish to withdraw my remarks and apologize to our discipline forces for the discomfort my remarks may have caused."

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