"Serikali Ya Kusema Na kutenda" Thee Pluto Thanks Mheshimiwa Wangui for the 1M promise honour

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Money is a good thing and everyone craves to acquire this asset. Without money it hard to make achieve most of human desires especially the human needs. Money too is addictive and can cause people to do and behave in different ways.

It with great joy that Thee pluto receives award from Mheshimiwa Wangui B Nganga. The award conveniently came by through his abrupt decision to shave his dreads.The longtime dreads were a treasure that was supposed to run in Thee Pluto's family but due to the promise from the Nairobi women representative Wangui,he decides to shave them.

The content creator Thee Pluto has been making impact in the street with the youth sanitization content in checking out real relationship and helping many out there in finding loyalty and self discovery.

The chief Street Sanitizer is an hard-working young man who has strived in different sectors of life in pursuit of success and achievement. He is a business man who highly earns heavily from his investments.

The reward was to be given few weeks ago but on an interview with Mungai Eve, Mheshimiwa Wangui says that it because Thee Pluto wasn't available she would have given it out sooner. Mheshimiwa says that she is a promise keeper and although she thought it was a joke at first, she had to honour her word.

It had been joy since Thee Pluto has had the chance to count the 1Milion ksh and indeed it complete. Netizens are surprised and they wish to get the same skills that he used to get such kind of money.

Thee Pluto says that he would wish to expand the real estate business that he has been working for with the help of the money.

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