4 things Salle should have in mind amid fame

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Salle was discovered in Imo State by well-meaning Nigerians who were intrigued by her beautiful voice. Few hours after a video of her singing surfaced online, it went viral as many music lovers complimented her nice voice and also reposted the video clip; and that was how Salle became famous. However, being famous comes with a lot of things. On this note, I think Salle should be mindful of some things now that she is popular.

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4 things Salle should have in mind amid fame

1). Keep up with her good friends

Salle should not disregard or ignore those friends who were loyal to her when she had nothing, friends who stood by her on rainy days.

This is one mistake some celebrities made and regretted. Celebrity status can attract too many fake friends. Most celebrities find it hard to pinpoint a genuine person who wants to be friends from millions of people making advances to them.


2) Desist from public misconduct

Salle should not keep up with any uncultured behaviour she used to exhibit in public because celebrities have no privacy. People are always looking out for slight misconduct in them. Famous people can't do things that the average person can. No doubt, this disadvantage of being famous can stop celebrities from indulging in the little pleasures of life; and it can be very frustrating.

3). Salle needs to avoid hitting back at trolling comments.

Trolls easily judge celebrities on their personalities, habits, dress codes and more. Reading insulting or derogatory comments about one's self is a part and parcel of a celebrity's daily routine. Salle needs to have this in mind to avoid engaging in social media drama with trolls, which might affect her reputation

4). She should always remember her days of little beginnings: where she came from, how she rose from grass to grace, people who stood by her. She should not allow wealth and fame to make her arrogant. Recall, Pride goes before a fall.

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