Kajwang: We Shall Come With Another Coalition If NASA and One Kenya Alliance Are Out Of Options.


Eloquent and outspoken Homabay senator, Moses Kajwang, was hosted today by Sam Gituku on Citizen TV morning, and was in the presence of fellow leaders, Chris Wamalwa and Sylvia Kasanga.

Wamalwa gave a strong proposition concerning ODM'S involvement in political coalitions.

According to him, the Orange party has always caused stirs and disagreements within fellow parties by refusing to share parties' fund and failing to honour deliberations agreed upon. He said that ODM called for the 'death' of NASA and have again come up with plans to resurrect it. In his submission, he said, NASA is dead and it is time to move on with One Kenya Alliance and the doors are open for the orange team so long as they do away with their bad behaviour.

Kajwang's came in to counter accusations raised by the national assembly legislature, Chris.

His position was of the view that party's positional disagreements should not interfere with a process of uniting other parties into a coalition.

He said that, if NASA or One Kenya Alliance are not among the available options for them, they may come up with another alliance option even basically naming it 'mkate' coalition.

ODM at the moment is in coalition talks with Jubilee in an attempt to come up with the most formidable alliance which is expected to outmatch any of those running against it.

It is almost reassuring that Raila will be in the ballot come 2022 due to his recent statements where he alleges that, "When he takes over from Uhuru, he shall convict all those corrupt people who stole from the government from all directions." This was a clear indication of his declaration to run.

Will the orange group use the so 'ODM-Jubilee' platform for 2022 elections, or maybe coming up with another name as Kajwang's put it.

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