Kajiado Residents Disrupt Peris Tobiko's Speech, Demand Aden Duale To Speak (Video)

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Today, deputy president William Ruto has continued with his tours across the country. Today, he was in Kajiado county and was welcomed by the gubernatorial aspirant Peris Tobiko. He was a companied by several political leaders including Aden Duale and Kimani Ichung'wah.

When it was time to address members of the public, several leaders were given a chance to speak one by one. One of the speakers was Peris Tobiko. However, during her speech, she was disrupted by the residents. They wanted Duale to speak.

However, Tobiko was able to calm the crowd down. She promised them all leaders including Duale, who they wanted, would speak during their turn. The crowd calmed down and was able to listen to her.

She drummed support for deputy president William Ruto. She also urged residents bto support her gubernatorial race. That Kajiado needed bto be sanitized and according to her, she is the best candidate.

Source; https://youtu.be/iLwF-cOePpg

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