Players In England Dominate List Of Top 10 Most Valuable Strikers In The World


Welcome back to today's Edition in the world of football, I'm here with the latest update in the Football global scene. Transfer market published a list of the 10 most valuable Strikers and the highest market value in the world.

The transfer market is a team that regularly provides football lovers with the latest information about the Football scene.


1. Name: Kylian Mbappe (PSG)

Age: 22

Market Value: €180M

2. Name: Harry Kane (Tottenham)

Age: 27

Market Value: €120M

3. Name: Erling Haaland (Dortmund)

Age: 20

Market Value: €110M

4. Name: Joao Felix (Athletico Madrid)

Age: 21

Market Value: €100M

5. Name: Lukaku (Inter Milan)

Age: 27

Market Value: €90M

6. Name: Roberto Firminho (Liverpool)

Age: 29

Market Value: €72M

7. Name: Martinez (Inter Milan)

Age: 20

Market Value: €70M

8. Name: Timo Werner (Chelsea)

Age: 24

Market Value: €70M

9. Name: Paulo Dybala (Juventus)

Age: 27

Market Value: €70M

10. Name: Gabriel Jesus (Man City)

Age: 23

Market Value: €60M

The world cup winner beats his rival, Erling Haaland, to Claim the no.1 spot with €180M, while Haaland sits 3rd with €110M, and the England International sits 2nd with €120M.

Mbappe and Halland are recently called the new Messi and Ronaldo, Do you think these two players can replace our Aging Legends?