Harmonize's Baby Mama Has Moved On? (Video)

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Besides being an artist, Record label owner, an entrepreneur, brand ambassador, Harmonize is also also father to one adorable daughter named Zuuh Konde.

Just some hours after Harmonize exposed the list of the demands that his baby mama wants from him. The list had everything that the baby would want from her food, pampers and all. Although netizens felt like it was too much.To which she asked him not to send the money but buy the things he gives it to someone to take it to her although he is still abroad for his music tour. He did so and Zuuh was posted enjoying a meal confirming all is good.

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His baby mama has however left fans in rage after sharing a video of her abd her new man but to make matters worse, they included the small child who looked all confused by what's going on. Here are some of the reactions:

Video : https://www.instagram.com/reel/CVZ5S3mAZnj/?utm_medium=copy_lin

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