The Council of Governors Warns Against Looming Shortage of ARVs Drugs in Hospitals


The council of governors have warned the National government and USAID Organisation against the looming shortage of ARVs drugs in the country.

Speaking with Ktn news the council chair led by Embu Governor Martin Wambora said that the shortage of these drugs will lead to death and massive drug resistance among the patients.

The governor council called upon the ministry of health and USAID to establish a third party agency that will be dealing with the procurement and distributions of these drugs to target patients.

In case this issue is not addressed with immediate effect. More than 1.5 million Kenya's living with HIV/AIDS are at risk of losing their life over AIDs related infections.

For more than a decade the government of Kenya have been relying on donors for the supply of HIV drugs. These donors include USAID and Other good wishes from western countries.

According to the council chair by the end of June 2021, there will be a big deficit of drugs in the country and this is a looming danger. what is your opinion on this?


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