Reaction as Ronaldo picked bottle water and rejects coke

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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most completed and successful players in the world, apart from his goal-scoring ability he’s also considered the best when it comes to fitness. Most of his teammates have acknowledged that Ronaldo always looks after his health and fitness.

Last night, during a press conference at the ongoing Euro competition, Ronaldo was at a conference ready to be interviewed by the reporters and immediately he sighted two bottles of Coke and a bottle of water, he dragged the two bottles of Coke from his front and raised the bottle of water, he went on to say drink water.

Many people have reacted to this, as they claimed that he’s truly a health awareness fellow, many attributed this to his success as they claimed that he’s a disciplined fellow who doesn’t joke with his health.Ronaldo is a player who trains harder than most of his teammates and he doesn’t allow soda for his kids, he also doesn’t support taking too much alcohol.

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