Meet The Oldest Active Professional Footballer Who is Currently 54 Years of Age


It is usually rare to find a professional footballer who is actively playing after hitting forty years of age. Most footballers retire from international duty at around thirty five years of age. They then retire from professional football at club level nearly three years later.

However,in the recent years there have been players who have gone past the usual retirement age. AC Milan's striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is set to hit forty of age very soon. The Swedish world-class striker is still capable of banging in sensational goals and creating chances.

In Japanese league there is one of the oldest active professional footballers. Kazuyoshi Miura is currently playing for Japanese top club Yokohama FC. The player who has played for more than thirty seasons since his first professional career signed a one year contract with the club on January.

The player has played for more than four decades since his debut. Most people would not believe that a fifty-years old man can Sprint on a football pitch. Usually people who are over fifty years of age cannot be able to run around in a football field for more than five minutes.


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