See the 22-year-old lady who shared her nude on Facebook. See the photos she posted


What a world. What a decade we find ourselves in. Everything is just happening so fast. Hmmmm, only God can indeed save us.

A 22-year-old lady, has just been seen to have posted her nudes on Facebook as she seems not to be shy. This lady claims that her bosoms are great.

She posted the picture and added a caption where she wrote:

"God created Adam and Eve, not Abigail and Ruth"

Love of people have reacted to this post lots of them insulted her for doing something so disgraced and unheard of.

Also some went on to praise her as they appreciate the texture of her skin and her chest.

She also said that she doesn't care about whatever thought anyone has towards her. Also, the surprising part of it all I that this lady got more than 600 likes in just about an hour after she made the post, which is so unlike the normal reaction she gets from people after posting.

Some people even compared her own to that of the BBNaija Dorothy's own and they pleaded that Dorothy should lend her small put of hers.

Those pictures of hers has been sent from one group to another which means her body is already been shown to half of the world.

What's your say on this lady's pictures? What do you feel about this act she just portrayed?