A Video of a UNIUYO Engineering Student Harassing a Lecturer is Causing Reactions Online.


Just recently, Instablog 9ja reported the incident of an Engineering student of the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, harassing a lecturer seriously when lectures were supposed to be going on.

While watching the video, you would observe that the student was seen pushing and hitting the lecturer in ways that are improper. Also, statements like "Wahala be like bicycle", "wey my bicycle" and so on were made by the student which made one wonder if he was truly sane in that event.

His fellow course mates also came out to know what the situation was. However, their approach escalated the situation rather than stemming it down. The whole event went down into a riot where the students were seen shouting, ranting and doing all sorts of things that are not to be seen in the classroom. The lecturer was surprisingly calm but no one knows what his actions would be after the event.

Image source: Instablog 9ja official Facebook page.

The video really got a lot of reactions. Many were of the opinion that the Nigerian educational system has become poor. Others followed suit but gave their own suggestions in different ways as right to their thinking. See the screenshot of the comments below.

Image source: Instablog 9ja official Facebook page.

Lastly, see the video link below:

Video source: Instablog 9ja official Facebook page.


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