Huge Boost To KDF Soldiers Fighting In Somalia As Government Receives 2.5 Billion From Europe Union

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Reports of Kenya defense forces( KDF) troops fighting in Somali land had a huge boost after the government of Kenya received 2.5 billion shillings emerged online.

According to reports, the European Union and its partners reimbursed Kenya nearly 2.5 billion shillings to sustain a hundred soldiers who are fighting in Somalia.

The soldiers have been fighting in Somalia with the Al-shabaab militias for more than 15 years. The KDF which is under the African Union Mission has ensured that Somalia is stable and things came back to normal.

Things were tough in Somalia during the reign of the Al-shabaab, KDF military began its operations within Kenya and Somali borders. The troops used all tactics to make sure that Somali citizens remained safe in their country.

Since then the country has been able to go for a general election and elected its leaders and a new president on May 15th, 2022. The 2.5 Bn will boost the salary and other basic things needed by the soldiers to keep them going while in their line of duty. This includes; food, medication, shelter, and, transportation and weapons.

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