Have you heard of the term "village people"? Here's what you need to know


The term "village people" is one that is widely used by most Nigerians, its often used to describe some sort of witch craft fashioned by the people from the village. There's a notion in which village people are classified as anti progress agents. When things ain't working as supposed, or when people fail at something, you hear comments like: "my village people have remembered me", "they are after me o" Social media users are also fond of using the term mostly for fun.

A 100L student in one of the federal universities in Nigeria woke up one Monday morning around 7:40am, not minding the fact that he was already late for his lectures which was to start by 08:00am, he rushed into his kitchen and started cooking beans. When the results for the semester was out and of course he failed, he said "my village people have finally done it, they've succeeded", "they wants me to fail and it has come to pass"

Meanwhile it was actually his negligence and laxity to his studies that caused his failure.

The average life expectancy of a Nigerian man is 55 years. (France & Japan is 84 years) this simply means that you become a walking dead as you celebrate your 55th birthday; you can die any moment, any where and any day.

This is why some people go to sleep and never wake up while others slump from their chairs to succumb to death and we think it's Witchcraft or village people

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There's nothing like village people, the phrase originated as a result of various perspectives of people. They consider failure as something perpetrated by somebody elsewhere. Meanwhile its what you feed your mind with that tends to work out for you, its only what you believe in that will work for you. Therefore the idea of the term "village people" is nothing but a hoax, they don't exist, they ain't the cause of the misfortunes that happens to people. People from other countries also have people from the village, they are never ignorant of their relatives from the village but you'll never hear them utter such. Or you think they don't experience misfortunes? I mean bad things don't happen to them?

Some people go to the extent of attributing or blaming their village people for failures, misfortunes and even their present condition of poverty, while there are tons of successful and notable men & women out there, celebrities who are still making a headway in the various sectors they belong to. These starts also have village people, why then are they still successful?

Its high time we take responsibility and stop apportioning blames for our failures and mishaps. Everything in this life has a formulae, a root, in which unless you apply that formulae or follow through that route, success will never come your way.

Build a positive mindset concerning the goal you want to achieve and work extremely hard and tirelessly so as to achieve it. And if it still turns out to be a failure, rejoice and be glad for you've just learnt of a method that didn't work, therefore you need to apply another strategy so as to achieve your set goal.

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