Uzalo:Huge blow for Mamlambo as she spent the night in prison

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Mamblambo has spent his first night in prison after the police discovered that she has been raising a baby without anyone knowing where she could have consulted the police about this issue, and this time she will dealing with a difficult mother that will be out looking for her lost child.

Will Hlelo deal with this terrible news in a mature way or she will break down after hearing that her lost child has been found that she has left crying in the bushes, and this might be the difficult times for these two women who were looking to raise this child well at their homes.

Mamlambo is now regretting not telling the police this whole issue that could have been resolved earlier, so that she can avoid the disappointment that she is getting now because she is one of the women that is well respected in the community because of the job that she does.

Uzalo ha has been one of the best dramas that are well followed by many people in the country and it has won many awards, on many events where the industry recognise the job that has been done by our actors and this has helped them to get more support from the people around the country.

Actors like Nkunzi have been doing a wonderful job of making sure that the dramas provide good content to their viewers at home because they are giving their best every day when they are behind the cameras, and this has helped them to be respected by the people across the country.

This week the drama will be capturing the hearts of many people where the likes of Hlelo will make a lot of viewers to be emotional, because of the heartfelt moment that this young woman will be going through as she wants her baby back and the police will have to do their job this time.

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