Meet "Jesus Christ Lizard " The Only Creature That Can Walk On Water

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Basilisk lizards, also known as Jesus lizards, are a type of lizard that is part of the Corytophanidae family. They are found mostly near rivers and streams in rainforests in Central and northwestern parts of South and Central America.

These lizards are brown and cream in color. They have a stripe of yellow, cream or white color on their upper lip and another stripe on each side of their bodies. About 76 cm (2.5 feet) long, they weigh about 135-194 g. They can grow to that length and weight (4.8-6.8 oz).

They eat what

omnivores: They eat flowers, insects, small vertebrates like fish, snakes, birds, and eggs, as well as other plants.

When do they die?

About 7 years is how long they can live in captivity. In the wild, they have shorter lives because of predators.

Walk on water: How do they do this?

It is possible for basilisk lizards to walk on water when they are fleeing from predators because they get enough momentum to run across the water for a short distance while most of their bodies stay out of the water.

They do this by following these three steps:

1. The slap: this is when the foot moves down and pushes water out and away from the leg.

In this part, the foot moves backward, which helps push the thing forward.

It happens when the foot comes out of the water and is ready to do the slap again.

These things happen over and over again. Smaller basilisks are thought to be able to run a longer distance because of their size and weight. These people can run a distance of about 10 to 20 mph.

No, they can't be pets.

Basilisk lizards can be pets, but they are very afraid and can bite very hard. They cost about $3 for babies, and about $20 for adults.


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