Inmates at Sekondi central prisons protest against poor quality of food



The purpose of sending criminals into prison custody is for punitive and reformatory but it is not so in Ghana as criminals go and after serving their aentences come back as hardened criminals due to unfriendly nature of our prisons across the country. Sekondi central prisons in the Western region of Ghana has staged a protest against the poor quality of food served them.

This the inmates have boycotted the food served them, saying they are human so they deserved to be served proper and delicious food.

The government of Ghana for years now feeds inmates in Ghana's prisons GHC 1.80 pesewa's a day.

As a result of that inmates of Sekondi central prisons in the Western has today protested and boycotted food served them saying the Quantity and quarilty is below the belt and demand better condition of living. The public relations officer for Sekondi prison DSP Netser Adjettey in an interview with Angel news reporter Nana Fynn said the Sekondi prisons built to contain 400 inmate now admitting 600 as overcrowding is their major challenge. 

He therefore called on families and other organizations to support the inmates.