Hot transformation photos of Mrs. Frimpong hit the Internet.

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Famous Ghanaian actress and TV presenter, Fella Makafui have an exhibit her got transformation pictures on the internet.

Fella Makafui has been in the entertainment industry for some years now. She started with YOLO television series.

She got more hits and more followers during the YOLO television series, the famous actress was called Fella at then times.

Some years ago, it comes out in a rumors form that Fella Makafui is having a dating relationship with Ghanaian famous rapper AMG Medikal, which was confirmed by Medikal, and now they Rw couples.

Now Fella Makafui is not just a lady but rather a family woman with one daughter and a husband

On the most serious note, Fella Makafui has transformed totally from slime to curvy Lady. This shows that Fella Mekafui we know at first is not the same as now.

Fella Makafui's curvy shape has caused massive traffic on social media.

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