"Weekdays are for easy, quick meals." A well-known chef left Mzansi impressed with this combo.

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Canned or tinned fish are food fish which have been processed, sealed in an airtight container such as a sealed tin can, and subjected to heat. 


Atchar is a spicy condiment, often eaten with a curry. It comes from the Indian cuisine in South Africa.

 Weekdays are for easy and quick meals. Due to the busy schedule, one has no time to stand for hours in the kitchen. Although it's already late, you will probably try it tomorrow. A well-known chef who goes by the name of KM got people talking after she shared the food she had prepared for Blue Monday dinner. The plate looks simple but classic. Inside the plate there was tinned fish, well cooked; scrambled eggs, arroz and pap. This is the type of food eaten in South Africa, mostly in the villages. Share your own opinion on this post. Don't forget to like, share, and comment on this article.



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