Martha Karua; "I Have Brought Confidence in Mount Kenya's Azimio Campaigns"

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Azimio la Umoja deputy President, Hon. Martha Karua has committed herself too much into Azimio la Umoja campaigns. Karua's main objective is to ensure Raila Odinga attains to be Kenya's president in August 9th general elections.

Karua says that Kalonzo Musyoka had made it his business to impose himself on the ticket. However, her major move has brought more confidence in Mount Kenya Azimio la Umoja campaigns to a point that jubilee aspirants are now putting up posters and billboards that feature Raila Odinga's photo.

Martha Karua has been turning this political fallacy on its head. While speaking about her political opponents, Karua has made it about an interrogation of their ideology, not attacking on any person but ensuring that Raila Odinga agenda is well heard.

The irony part of the matter is that Karua is turning out to play hard politics, by not necessarily playing normal politics. However, articulating logic is more painful to the opponent. This intended motive makes Kenya Kwanza Alliance and other political opponents not to understand the strategy used by Azimio la Umoja running mate, Martha Karua.

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