Opinion: Covid-19 Vaccine should be able to protect people from contracting the Covid-19 virus

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Reports that some individual have contracted Covid-19 virus even after getting vaccinated is very scary.

I believe that the purpose of getting vaccinated is to protect one from getting the virus. That is why me and you got vaccinated against some diseases like: Hepatitis B, Diptheria, Tetanus, Whooping Cough, Rotavirus etc.

We received the Vaccines so that there should be no contracting of these diseases in future. And true to the vaccination, I attest that I have not contracted either of them.

Therefore, with the reports alleging that someone has contracted Covid-19 virus after receiving Covid - 19 Vaccine is simply alarm

ming as Business Daily, Friday March 19th 2021 edition puts is that:

Governor vaccinated

Mr Murungi's diagnosis comes more than a week after he took the Covid-19 vaccine jab.

With this, there should be thorough scrutiny of the vaccine before it is administered so that the masses are properly protected from Covid-19 infection.

But all in all, we congratulate those who worked hard to ensure the world has the Vaccines so far.

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