Deadly Accident at Bellevue on Mombasa Road as Truck Rams into Pickup


Motorists are to maintain some level of decorum on our roads if we are ever going to see and accident free day on our roads. It's imperative that discipline is observed whenever one is driving along our busy highways.

Picture courtesy. Image used from another incident.

Last night, a lorry crashed a double cabin pickup truck from behind onto another lorry. The double cabin pick up truck was sandwiched between the two lorries leaving it's cabin completely mangled.

The occupants of the double cabin pickup truck were assumed dead upon impact as there was no way one could have survived the wreck. It is still unclear what the genesis of the terrible accident was but drivers are urged to always be careful on our roads, especially at night.

The accident happened at around 11PM last night on the busy Mombasa Road along Bellevue in Nairobi. We extend our sympathies to the families of those aboard the Toyota Hilux Double Cabin truck.

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